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At Fit4All, we get it. Life is busy. Exercise is easy to ignore. But we've got big news! Our team is making it easier than ever for you to see real results from your workouts and enjoy every minute of it. We offer high-quality personal training, private group training, and nutritional guidance that are catered to all experience levels. We're here to help you defy aging and feel confident in your skin - to prove once and for all that your trip to the gym doesn't have to be a pain.

From day one with us, you'll enjoy comprehensive coaching like you never thought possible. Our instructors are dedicated to your success and we're committed to making it happen one day at a time. With a brand new facility and a proven track record of success, we could not be more excited to help you enjoy long-lasting success in no time! Come see us in Oakville today and take on a workout built just for you.

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They made the change, now they love their body!

"Working with Andrew has been fantastic, he pays close attention to form, and is always pushing me to a limit that is both challenging and comfortable! Losing the weight has always been hard for me, but the first 10 pounds came off within a month! Looking forward to more training and more weight loss!"

Aaron Unelli

"Andrew and FIT4ALL have been a huge help in making me feel better about myself after a difficult year! I told him he had to make me look 10 years younger and he has!"

Linda Millar-Martin

"When I first came to Andrew to train, I was having a lot of issues with my hormones and struggled to push through my previous exercise regimens. He taught me a different way to train my body so I could push myself without causing any more hormonal damage. He is very knowledgeable and kind, and he takes pride in his work. Since training with Andrew, I have converted 15 pounds of fat into muscle, and I feel great. I look forward to pushing myself for even better results!"

-Chris Chudak

I run a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on Data Driven Decisions. What appeals to me about the programs Fit4All Studio offer is that the results are measurable in every way. After signing up with them, i was given a 3D body scan that shows everything from my weight, lean muscle mass, extensive measurements, posture & balance. I now have a visual reference of what i am trying to change. Their training sessions are tough but caring, and they accommodate flexibility issues and limitations the experts they are. Their nutrition tools are flexible and easily adapt to my specific allergies and preferences.. And their kind, encouraging tone is motivating. Each week, I look forward to my next class. Don’t hesitate to trust your health goals with Fit4All. The results are measurable!

Carl Messenger-Lehmann

I signed up with Lorna of Fit4All for personal 1-on-1 sessions 2 times per week and I also attended her group fitness classes, both a.m. & p.m. ones. Lorna is a phenomenal instructor. Her attention is fully on you during the 1-on-1 sessions and she ensured I always had proper form during exercises; she answered all my random questions and motivated me along the way, while modifying if I require it. No 2 workouts were alike! She put together fun, challenging, and varied workouts every time, that targeted my whole body to help me achieve my goals. I was amazed with my progress after 1 month of 1-on-1 sessions! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, health, and fitness, and you can quickly tell this when you meet her. Fit4All is a beautiful new facility. It is clean, vibrant, has excellent equipment and an amazing body scanning (biometric) system to track your progress. I would recommend Lorna and Fit4All studio for your overall health needs, no matter where you are in your fitness journey!

Iryna N.